If you are a young athlete wanting to improve your athletic performance and sustain energy throughout the season or a coach or parent that is interested in helping a young athlete be stronger and faster, then Food4YoungAthletes is for you.  Here you will learn life-changing tools and knowledge that will help reach those goals.

Hi there! My name is Veronica and nutrition for young athletes is my passion.  I am Certified family health coach, runner and creative amateur photographer with a Masters degree in Engineering Management. Before Food4Young Althetes, I worked as a project manager and teaching about healthy living in a variety of settings.

Helping young athletes improve their athletic performance by getting stronger, running faster and sustaining energy at every training and game is what Food4YoungAthletes is all about.  As young athletes, (… and as parents) we often ignore an important key factor that makes a huge difference in how young athletes perform and improve at every game.  Learning how better food choices can give young athletes the energy and confidence they need to excel in sports, school and social relations is the key factor.

Food4YoungAthletes biggest goal is to guide you as a young athlete or parent and coach in your athletic journey by empowering, educating and motivating you to achieve a better performance and healthier life.

About Food 4 Young Athletes.


I first started sharing my passion about healthy living for families in general in my blog Bluelightwave.com But as our family started being more active in sports and joining select teams I realized there was a need for emphasis on a key factor for improved athletic performance and self awareness.

I noticed young athletes got the best training, got the right equipment and performance gear, but they were still not peforming to their maximum and by halftime or even in the first minutes they were dragging themselves and just not ‘into it’.  Young athletes often ignore how nutrition could provide them with the energy they need to gain muscle, overcome fatigue, prevent injuries and improve athletic performance overall.

Awareness of the right fuel for young athletes was needed and this is how Food 4 Young Athletes was born.  My passion is to continue helping young athletes, parents and coaches make wiser food choices and lifestyle decisions to help young athletes be the best they can be at sports and be the best version of themselves in all that they do.